Two Paths to God

Two paths to God exist for the people of this world, the path of salvation and the path of sanctification. For those who seek more than the average man, who want and yearn for intimate knowledge of their source and ultimate destiny, sanctification allows them that possibility.

The Prophets are sanctified souls that are specially prepared by their Lord, not only as a vessel of divine knowledge but also as the means of conveying it to others. For the men and women who come after them heeding their call, it is through the path of sanctification that the prophetic path is continued on this world for others to walk the path of salvation.

For those who the saints call, sanctification is a process that contiues throughout one’s life on earth and is finalised with a purified soul that is content and ready to return to God in a sanctified state. These souls are then able to act as milestones for those on the path of salvation. They inspire us and direct us to strive on and keep the goal of God’s presence in our hearts.

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in the foreward to “Sufi Sage of Arabia” translated by Mostafa Badawi.


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