My father in law gave this to my mother in law when they were newly-weds, over 30 years ago. He had received it as a gift when he became Muslim the previous year. I wanted to scan the card and post a pic, but my scanner won’t work because my printer is out of ink. Why do I need ink to use my scanner? Anyway…

What is Istikhara?

Istikhara is to seek guidance from Allah when one is faced with a difficult problem, or becomes hesitant in making a decision and his knowledge of the matter is insufficient to guide him. Then, after seeking advice from trusted friends, he should turn to Allah and beseech His Grace. He should willingly and with an open heart and heart supplicate for Divine Guidance and ask for direction so that the problem is solved in his own best interest. The Duaa at such an occasion is called Istikhara.

Istikhara is in fact an invaluable teaching of Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم with which Muslims have been favoured. This blessing could give solace to many for all times to come. It is related in the Hadith that Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم used to teach Istikhara to the Sahabah like the Qur’an is taught to children. In another hadith it is stated that “He who make istikhara does not fail, and he who makes mashwara (consultation) does not regret.”

In the Masnoon Istikhara, after one has carried out one’s responsibility as best as one can, one should hand over the entire matter and oneself to the limitless knowledge of Allah. By making istikhara, one is now relieved of making a decision on one’s own.

Whenever counsel is sought from a respectable and experienced person, it is expected that he will give good advice and assist to the best of his ability. Similarly, Istikhara is to seek counsel with Allah. Who can give better counsel than the All-Knowing and Merciful Allah? Once Istikhara is made then Allah will surely guide him to do what is best for him.

Now there can be no perplexity. Only that which Allah wills and which is good for one’s sake will happen, though one will not be able to see it immediately. It is not necessary that one must see or experience an evident change or a vision (after performing Istikhara). Allah alone knows what is best for His servants. It is related in the Hadith that “Success and good tidings for the Son of Adam (Insaan) is in performing Istikhara and his misfortune lies in his not making Istikhara.”

Method of Performing Istikhara

(O Allah! I ask guidance from Your knowledge, and Power from Your Might and I ask for Your great blessings. You are capable and I am not. You know and I do not and You know the unseen. O Allah! If You know that this matter is good for my religion and my subsistence and in my Hereafter then You ordain it for me and make it easy for me to attain, and then bless me in it, and if You know that this matter is harmful to me in my religion and subsistence and in the Hereafter then keep it away from me and let me be away from it. And ordain for me whatever is good for me, and make me satisfied with it).”

One should mention one’s need when reaching “this matter” or هذا الأمر


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