The post that started it all

I put up a comment on Cory Bernardi’s blog, and it was published.

“I’m an Australian born Muslim feminist, and I wear the face veil. I see it as much my right to wear it as it is someone else’s right to walk down the street naked.
The face veil is a means for Muslim women to be able to interact with, and positively contribute to, society without fear of harrassment. I find it quite laughable that claims are being made to liberate Muslim women through the banning of this attire, as all that will do is prevent these women from being able to participate in society.
Security is not an issue, if it were, a simple ID check would suffice, as it does in all airports in Australia.
The blatant ignorance displayed in the above blog posts and following comments is quite appalling.”

Just posting it here in case I need to use it again elsewhere.



  1. Capricious said,

    May 8, 2010 at 11:09 am

    I like it! Very succinct, hope it was well received!

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