Intentions for Tahajud – The Night Vigil

I was sent this in an email recently, it is taken from the Book of Intentions by Habib Muhammad bin Alawi al Aydarus.  It is also a reminder to me to get on with transcribing the translation, something I have been very lazy about.

Intentions for Tahajud

That by doing so Allah swt will grant a special sainthood

To act in compliance with the command of Allah swt and His Prophet saw

That rising at night will  lift the affliction from the people on the earth

To partake in the struggle against the nafs

To follow the example of the Prophet saw and the Pious Salaf

That Allah will give me an opening of the Gnostics

To minimize sleep

To pray for the believing men and women

To recite the Holy Quran

To supplicate to Allah, humbly and with fear

That one’s rising at night will coincide with the hour of acceptance (Ameen)

To be an act of worship that is more likely to be sincere

To revive the sunnah

To ask for forgiveness

To gain the Haq thatAllah swt bestows on the Arifin


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