Men & Women of God

These are just some short anecdotes (retold in my own words) that struck a chord with me recently.

Imam an-Nawawi had one set of clothes, including one turban. One day, he took his turban off as he was taking wudu (ritual ablution for purification), and placed it near him. A man came and stole it, and started running away. Imam an-Nawawi ran after him shouting, “Say you accept the gift, say you accept the gift!”

Sheikh Abdur Rahman ash-Shagouri had a habit of buying the unappealing apples from the fruit market. When asked why he did this, he replied, who else will buy these? I buy them so he is not disadvantaged by them. 

Rabia al-Adawiyya was praying in her house when a theif entered. He looked around for something of value, but saw nothing at all. She finished her salaat and turned to him, saying, I am sorry that I have nothing to give you. You came to my home in search of something and I am regretful that you will leave emptyhanded. There’s a bit more to this but I’ve forgotten it 😦

Another instance, a man of Basra was out walking with a cloth tied around his head, which is something that was used in order to relieve headaches. Rabia al Adawiyya saw the man and said, shame on you. the one day Allah gives you illness and you advertise it to the world, while all the other days he gave you good health and you were silent.


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