Murder in Paris

Habib Ali al-Jifri’s words on the Paris Tragedy

Some people are trying to justify the heinous crimes in Paris yesterday by saying that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did not prevent the execution of some who insulted and abused him, like Ka’ab ibn Ashraf.

Let us be clear: the messenger of Allah ﷺ never ordered the killing of person simply because they insulted him. Ka’ab ibn Ashraf and the limited number of others who were executed were preparing to fight the nascent Muslim community and were inciting and provoking people to war. The order for their executions came to prevent a larger loss of life through the war that was being called for.

Let us also be reminded that the majority of the people that the Prophet ﷺ addressed on the day Makka was recaptured, when he said: “Go, for you are free”, were people who had previously insulted and abused him and accused him of the most heinous things, yet he pardoned them and let them free on the very day he won victory over them.

As for the real issue here: enough lying in the name of gaining revenge for the Prophet! The attackers claimed they were avenging the Prophet ﷺ but the cartoons were published in 2006. However, last week the magazine published a cartoon of Al-Baghdadi. Do those criminals think we are that naive to believe them when they said they killed the staff at the magazine for the sake of the Prophet? Beside being more offensive to the message of the Prophet ﷺ than the cartoons published by the magazine, the acts perpetrated yesterday will lead society to affirm the ‘truth’ of the cartoons. We seek Allah’s refuge from that.


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